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Aloha / Morse code / Cording Necklace

Aloha / Morse code / Cording Necklace

Keep a Hidden Message close to your heart. The Morse Code necklace is more than just a charm with dots and dashes on them. Let's spread Aloha Vibes to your special person. Beach lovers will LOVE that! This Necklace is waterproof and handmade!


☑︎Hand-crafted ☑︎Comfortable ☑︎Waterproof

      ☑︎ Light-weight ☑︎Non-Allergenic ☑︎Durable




     *Delica Beads

     *Polyester Wax Cord 0.5mm

     *Sterling Silver Balls or Gold-Filled Balls





     * Nude Beige 

     * Mahogany





     *14 inches - 24 inches long 

      > If you want longer than 24inches please send me a DM. I will be happy to customize it for you!

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